In a Dark Place | The Lunchtime Portraits

In a dark place | The Lunchtime Portraits
Through the shop window of David John Pies, Covered Market, Oxford.

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* Rolleiflex 2,8F Planar *
* Ilford Delta 400 *
* Developed in Kodak TMax *
* Epson V500 scanner *
* Photoshop CS6 *

William Reddaway and Strider | The Lunchtime Portraits

William Reddaway and Strider | The Lunchtime Portraits

Between May and November of this year (2013), William Reddaway and his horse, Strider, traveled 2674 miles around the United Kingdom and, so far, have raised £46,000 for three charities in Gloucestershire. During their ride, they visited 30 cathedrals, and, indeed, it was in front of Christ Church Cathedral that I met Strider who was good enough to gather his rider for a photo. See their website and blog to learn more about the charities and their travels.

*  Rolleiflex 2,8F Planar  *
*  Ilford FP4 Plus  *
*  Developed in Kodak TMax  *
*  Epson V500 scanner  *
*  Photoshop CS6  *