British Photography of the 1980s: A Day at the Martin Parr Foundation

This last Saturday, I was lucky to attend a seminar at the Martin Parr Foundation in Bristol. British Photography in the 1980s featured five accomplished photographers who were growing and establishing themselves in the British photographic industry of the 1980s, Anna Fox, Jem Southam, Karen Knorr, Paul Graham, and Chris Killip.

Martin Parr launching the day and introducing Jem Southam
Jem Southam
Jem Southam, Anna Fox, and Karen Knorr
Karen Knorr
Karen Knorr and Martin Parr
Paul Graham, Martin Parr, Jem Southam, Karen Knorr, and Anna Fox
Chris Killip
From left: Chris Killip, Anna Fox, Paul Graham, Karen Knorr, Jem Southam, Martin Parr
Chris Killip and David Hurn
Paul Graham, David Hurn, and Jem Southam
Chris Killip signing autographs
David Hurn and Gerry Badger
Chris Killip