Footwear | The Lunchtime Portraits

As is often the case, I could see The Photo coalescing from down the street, …

Footwear I | The Lunchtime Portraits

… so having metered and set my camera on approach, I kneeled down in front of the couple, and took my photo. I was finished well before they noticed me and realized that I was holding a camera.

One thing that I frequently appreciate about a twin lens camera: it is naturally invested with a quality that causes people the desire to be photographed by it. They’re intrigued, perhaps, by its other-ness, where they might otherwise be put-off at the thought of being photographed by a strange SLR or something which they more immediately recognize as a camera.

Whatever the reason, though, a photographer likes a willing subject. This couple subsequently asked me to take a photo, so I happily asked them to just continue as they were doing.

Footwear II | The Lunchtime Portraits

* Rolleiflex 2,8F Planar *
* Ilford FP4 Plus *
* Developed in Kodak TMax *
* Epson V500 scanner *
* Photoshop CS6 *