About Me

scan720_800_2If you happened upon me at any given time, I would very likely be holding a camera, or I would have one within easy reach. I have never heard a name for my particular phobia, but it amounts to a fear of not having a camera when it counts.

Life can be interesting right where you find it and often where you did not expect it. Anyone or anything could be the ideal subject in isolated moments. I thrive on finding moments like these, and I love photography for allowing me to share what I have seen with others. I photograph most everything, as is required by the situation, but I do especially love to photograph people.

Once in a while, the accompanying description doubles as an equipment review, because that’s what I was doing when I took the photo. Testing equipment. What better way to get the measure of your equipment than by doing just exactly what you would do anyway? There is also at least some technical information included with most of my photos, those details I always wish to know when viewing the photography of others. If I have neglected to include anything that you had hoped to know, just ask.

Prints will soon be available for purchase directly from the website. In the mean time, please inquire for prices.